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Friday, 2 August 2013

Moebius at his best....

Giraud, The one mighty name I like in artistic world had made tremendous contribution to the comics world with his strokes on our beloved hero Blueberry.

There are controversies about Blueberry being a real hero -- which pathetically is not true, but both Charlier and Giraud were obsessed way beyond too much to write a biography for a fictitious hero and even releasing a book on that separately.

I now present you with the bootlegs of Blueberry how they are developed and a few which never appeared in print... Enjoy..

Pencil Sketch before the Final :

Final Artwork:

See the total difference in the images... Giraurd improvises while he draw as he used to draw Blueberry incessantly for his works... 

The image appeared in the front cover of Pilote.. 

there was an advertisement for our Thanga Kallarai -- The lost dutchman's mine & The ghost with the golden bullet...

A few Bootlegs from Angelface...

to be continued with much more images...


  1. Excellent Art Work.
    Thanks for Sharing.

  2. you can clearly see the difference a good colouring artist can make.

    see the final version and the one in the cover of pilote.

    even the reddish shadows below the eye, wow - this is real art.

    1. yes Viswa they are the rulers of comics art -- Vance, Moebius, Herge, Romero, Alex, Al Williamson, Jose Salinas, Fillipuci and forgive me if i miss some one.. they all had that magic with them -- passion...

  3. Never seen before these rough sketches of Moebius. Mind blowing.