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Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Life & Times of Lt Mike Blueberry -- By Charlier...

Jean Michel Charlier has written a biography of our beloved Lt Blueberry, inspired and obsessed by his character, Moebius contacted Charlier for a comic strip on the wild west, but Charlier wasn't intrested in it at the begining. Then After roaming around the west as a pilot he had gone through all of these patriotic heros of west, he wanted to create a hero who is opposite to all the normal heroic character and then also holding to the ground of his heroism with reality, and a one who runs totally of  bad luck and survives them all.

The translated version of Life and times of Lietenant Blueberry:

Would post with the pages of the original french version of this soon..

to be continued....


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    1. Thanks thala Wish you all happiness in the new year!!

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  3. soopar post. yet to read fully.. Thanks for sharing