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Friday 2 August 2013

Moebius at his best....

Giraud, The one mighty name I like in artistic world had made tremendous contribution to the comics world with his strokes on our beloved hero Blueberry.

There are controversies about Blueberry being a real hero -- which pathetically is not true, but both Charlier and Giraud were obsessed way beyond too much to write a biography for a fictitious hero and even releasing a book on that separately.

I now present you with the bootlegs of Blueberry how they are developed and a few which never appeared in print... Enjoy..

Pencil Sketch before the Final :

Final Artwork:

See the total difference in the images... Giraurd improvises while he draw as he used to draw Blueberry incessantly for his works... 

The image appeared in the front cover of Pilote.. 

there was an advertisement for our Thanga Kallarai -- The lost dutchman's mine & The ghost with the golden bullet...

A few Bootlegs from Angelface...

to be continued with much more images...

Sunday 30 December 2012

The Life & Times of Lt Mike Blueberry -- By Charlier...

Jean Michel Charlier has written a biography of our beloved Lt Blueberry, inspired and obsessed by his character, Moebius contacted Charlier for a comic strip on the wild west, but Charlier wasn't intrested in it at the begining. Then After roaming around the west as a pilot he had gone through all of these patriotic heros of west, he wanted to create a hero who is opposite to all the normal heroic character and then also holding to the ground of his heroism with reality, and a one who runs totally of  bad luck and survives them all.

The translated version of Life and times of Lietenant Blueberry:

Would post with the pages of the original french version of this soon..

to be continued....

Saturday 29 December 2012

An Insight in to the life of Mike Blueberry -- Michael Steven Donovan

"A total set of Blueberry graphic novels which has come till now"

Fort Navajo Series is the very first set of book which paved for wild west yet another wonderful hero whom we would never forget if have read for once..

My encounter with Blueberry happened very late but when i am in search of our old Muthu comics which I missed, the first series which I got hold of is the Fort Navajo Series which was available in stock at that time.

After reading the series when I was searching about captain Tiger I got to know the fact that captain Tiger was the name given in tamil and the main character is much more popular and beautiful with the name provided by its author -- Mike Blueberry.

My quest on Blueberry continued as I first read the english version... I am taken aback by the nice graphic novel which made the top of list with few others in the comic world.

Just a few words about the author, who is inspired by lt Michael Steven Donovan, and wrote a biography of the lt. which then led him to create the comic character Mike Blueberry..

Jean-Michel Charlier

Jean-Michel Charlier (30 October 1924 – 10 July 1989) was a Belgian script writer best known as a writer of realistic European comics.

He was a co-founder of the famed European comics magazine Pilote. Charlier was born in Liège, Belgium in 1924.

In 1945 he got a job as a draughtsman in Brussels with World Press, the syndicate of Georges Troisfontaines, which worked mainly for the comic strip magazine Spirou. The following year he and artist Victor Hubinon created the four-page comic strip L'Agonie du Bismarck. Charlier wrote the script and also drew the ships and airplanes.

In 1947 Charlier and Hubinon began the long-running air-adventure comic strip Buck Danny. After a few years, Charlier stopped all work on the drawings and concentrated only on the scenarios, on the advice of Jijé, then the senior artist at Spirou.

Unable to support himself writing comic scripts at a time when Dupuis concentrated almost solely on the magazine and albums were few and far between, Charlier qualified for a pilots license in 1949 and briefly flew for the airline SABENA.

Charlier visited the United States in 1963 and a tour of the American West inspired him to create Fort Navajo, a western series, for Pilote. He chose as artist Jean Giraud (Moebius), then a commercial illustrator who had briefly worked with Jijé on Jerry Spring, a popular European western strip. Fort Navajo, later renamed Blueberry or Lieutenant Blueberry after its main character, became a popular and innovative graphic novel.

"The Life and Times of Lieutenant Blueberry", which lays out Blueberry's entire life story (with extra illustrations) is crafted carefully without missing any important event by Charlier..

The life of Michael Steven Donovan has been published by John M Cambel in the following book.

Some of Mike Blueberry's extracts are portrayed in a nice manner by Charlier as the Comic Series which is magnificently put up by Moebius -- Giraurd

to be continued....

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Lt Blueberry -- A dedicated Blog for the hero... கேப்டன் டைகர் ஒரு சிறப்பு பதிவகம்

Michael Steven Donovan @ Mike Blueberry

This Blog is dedicated fully to the hero ever in real life lt Mike Blueberry, whose life history has inspired a lot by the works of Charlier & Giraud.

Wait for more information and pages in the history of Blueberry's America....

தமிழிலும் ஆங்கிலத்திலும் கேப்டன் டைகர் சார்ந்த வரலாற்று செய்திகளையும் அவரது அணைத்து காமிக்ஸ்களையும் பற்றி பல சிறப்பு பதிவுகளை இட உள்ளேன்....